A Socialization revival in Assisted Living

 Friendship: Were you were a scout as a child? Did you ever hear this song sang at girls scouts?” Make new friends but, keep the old….One is Silver & the other is Gold”

As seniors age, friendship needs remain. If you are lucky enough to have another birthday- congrats to you. You are never TOO OLD to make new friends. When you move into Carefree Living Assisted Living, it is easier. You do not have to drive to meet for coffee. Coffee is on all the time in the dining room. You do not have to leave your home for a conversation. You have many who have similar interests as you, and cannot wait to visit with you when you move in.

Depression: Covid is a word we all heard daily for over 14 months. Many seniors stayed home for safety concerns related to Covid. Now all our staff & residents have been offered Covid vaccines. All employees wear masks on all shifts.

Now seniors can enter Carefree Assisted Living and avoid isolation in their lifelong home. The past 14 months created isolation for many. Families & friends were not able to be together. Aging seniors were very vulnerable to situational depression.

The sun is now shining for seniors and depression can subside when you have others to care about you and visit with you daily.

At Carefree Assisted Living, you are around employees and other seniors who care about you. Your life story is worth sharing with others.

Reminiscing with others is uplifting for our spirit, and wards off depression for many.

Living: Abraham Lincoln stated “It is not the years in your life that count, but the LIFE in your years.

If you have physical or memory limitations our caregivers at Carefree Assisted Living can help, put LIFE in your years.

Joy and creating a Life worth living may feel better with:

• Music

• Entertainment

• Children

• Smiles

• Conversation

• Coffee & Teatime with others

• Pets

• Plants

• Sharing your life experiences and memories

• Purpose

• Smaller spaces to navigate easier…. fewer steps to take.

• Bird watching

• Outside time

A Sense of Security with 24-hour awake staff may give you less fear than being home alone. As you age, you do not always know when an emergency will occur. Now you know Carefree Assisted Living employees are there for you at all hours.

We put the “Assist” in living. Minnesota is a known hockey state. Just like hockey…. The Goal counts…. but, the ASSIST matters. May our Minnesota Wild team have a successful playoff with many assists, just like we assist many at Carefree Assisted Living.


Natalie Zeleznikar, Chief Operating Officer

Licensed Nursing Home Administrator

Creating a great chapter…. in your book called “Life”

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