Turn Caring into a Career. If you are looking for a career where you can make a difference in people's lives, Spectrum Health Companies may be just the place for you!

Employment at Spectrum Health Companies is made on a non-discriminatory basis and without regard to age, gender, religion, race, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, or marital status.

Benefits of Employment:


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Why do our employees like working for Spectrum?

Craig, Regional Building Supervisor

“I began my career August 3, 2021, as the Maintenance Supervisor, and was recently promoted to the Regional Building Supervisor.  Well, I was looking for a new career, one that would allow me to spend more time with my family and would provide me with opportunities for personal growth and development.  I was contacted by Alayna, and when she told me who she worked for it caught my attention, the name was familiar.  As I researched Spectrum, I realized that my Mom was at the Cook facility in Memory Care.  The staff in Cook had taken such great care of my Mom and still do, that I knew I wanted to be a part of Spectrum and provide that same type of excellent service to others.

What do I like most about working here? The people, and it starts with the St. Cloud Management Team.  Not since my college days of playing football or when I lived in Florida working for City Furniture, have I worked with a group of Managers that are more cohesive and focused on providing the best Customer Service in the Industry.  It’s the people, we are led by our Executive Director, Harry, who is always there for us, and he allows us to do what it takes to provide an Exceptional Customer Experience to our Residents and Teams (within reason of course).  The Team of Sam, Hailey, Tia, Brandi, Debbie, Chrissy, Roxanne, and Sarah work hard every day to ensure that we are delivering on our Core Values, Integrity, Commitment, and Excellence to our staff and residents.

What keeps me here? The people I work for, with and serve every day.  I love where I work and who I work for so much that I am enrolled in an MBA program to get my Masters in Healthcare.  Spectrum has provided me with the opportunity to work for the leader in community-based housing and healthcare benefits in the state, and I want to be a part of the team that takes it to another level.”

Samantha, RN, Director of Nursing

“What I like most about working at Carefree Living is our residents; they make each day at work interesting and fun. I also love our management team and how well we work together; we all have each other’s backs. Our whole team strives to provide the best care possible to our residents and that’s what makes me stay at Carefree Living.”

I joined Carefree living 6.5 years ago for better hours and a change of pace from the SNF that I had worked at for 6 years as an LPN and have made my up to the RN, Director of Nursing.
I manage the nursing department at our St. Cloud Carefree Living location – I oversee all the resident’s cares and the RA staff. The nursing department is busy and can be challenging at times, but each day is never the same and that’s why I never get bored!

Jeff, Life Enrichment Coordinator

“I am the Life Enrichment Coordinator for Carefree Living in Buhl. I love working for Carefree Living, as the staff are more life family, and we have a great team effort. The residents are wonderful and the community support we receive is outstanding. I chose to work for Careefree Living, so could help make a difference in the lives of the residents and their families. This is a great place and company to work for.”

Dean, Environmental Services Supervisor

“I have worked for Brainerd Carefree Living for about 6 ½ years now. I was referred by an employee. Why do I like working here? The residents. I love being around them, hearing their jokes, and listening to their stories. In my free time, I love to work on cares, repurpose furniture and remodel houses”

Jenna, Resident Assistant

“I have been a Resident Assistant for Carefree Living for 6 ½ years. Why did I choose to work at Carefree Living? I was referred by a friend. Why do I love working here? I love the residents and forming relationships with them. They are part of my family. We have a great team here!”

Cole, Life Enrichment Coordinator

“I am the Life Enrichment Coordinator at Virginia Carefree Living. I love working for Carefree Living because of the residents. They are very outgoing with interesting stories and experiences. My coworkers are also great to work with. Carefree is a very rewarding & an enjoyable place to work!” 

Brandi, Social Worker

“For me one of the great things about this position is that it has been flexible for me. When I need to support my family at home I can be with them, when my work family needs me I adjust things to be there. I have some great residents that keep me on my toes and great coworkers that offer support, encouragement and a laugh when I need it. “

“Greetings! My name is Brandi Blais and I’m the social worker at Carefree Living, St. Cloud.  I have been in this position for over 15 years!  I joined Carefree as my first social work job out of college and although I wasn’t sure what to expect it has been great to take this role and be able to develop it as needs arise.”

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